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Good afternoon. So our latest in our series of small business successes. Yesterday, we wrote the flood insurance for a client of ours who needed the coverage specifically for a loan with SBA.

Now, the client had fielded quotes of anywhere between three and five thousand dollars. Frankly, he just needed it for the loan and there’s really very limited exposure but because it’s a syndicated loan, it’s a requirement that flood coverage be on his office. The office is an office suite and he has no contents coverage there but he needs the policy.

Anyway, we pulled a rabbit out of a hat and we ended up selling him a policy for $349 and, really, the magic was just in the persistence. We were able to locate an elevation certificate on file with the county and it was a matter of waiting on hold, calling them up, collecting it, and providing it to FEMA. We were able to get him a quote at literally a fraction of what FEMA would have charged and what the other brokers presented.

So if you’re looking for an agent that is just absolutely relentless, give us a call! We’ll do whatever we can to help. It’s not always going to be $340 but we’ll give you the best that’s out there.