Atara Fink is a Sales Representative here at Rovner & Company and in pursuit of her MBA. While juggling many roles, Atara always finds time to provide stellar service to her clients. Come listen to Atara as she tells us all about her insurance journey and why she loves being at Rovner & Company!



This is Atara from Marc Rovner’s office. I’m here today to discuss some things that I love about working at Rovner & Company!

I’ll start with some qualities that I feel make me great in the insurance agency. I would say that I’m good at communicating with people. I communicate well with them and sound very positive and upbeat so it keeps them interested. It keeps prospects and customers on the line and wanting to hear more about what I have to say.

How long have I been with Rovner & Company? 
I was actually working at Rovner & Company around two years ago. I loved it but I did some traveling and now I’m back for a month already and I really love it!  I’m very happy! It’s a great atmosphere in the office. I love the girls that I work with and Marc is great; I’ve been learning a lot from him so I’m really happy.

What’s my key to success when communicating with prospects and current clients? 
I would say that my key to success is taking an interest in their needs and listening to their concerns, inside and outside of insurance. When people feel comfortable, they really open up about what they’re dealing with and the things that get in the way of proceeding with insurance, different issues that they have in terms of insurance, and in their personal lives. It’s nice to listen to people. It really gets people feeling like they have a connection with you and keeps them interested and around. I feel like that’s a great technique and key to success.

What are my goals for myself at Rovner & Company?
My goals are to acquire experience and to learn from Marc, which I’ve been doing a lot of, and to help grow the company! I really love it.

Outside of work, where do I spend most of my time?

I’d say with family and friends and with volunteer work.

I’m very happy to be at Rovner & Company and I hope you enjoyed listening! Have a great day!