Miami is one of the United States’ most recognizable destinations. Vacationers flock to the area year-round because of the region’s favorable climates. Many of them are boaters who want to dock their vessels at one of the city’s multiple marinas. If you are one of these sailors, you’ll want safe harbor as well.

Nevertheless, you can’t just park your boat and leave it. You have a responsibility to secure it and abide by all marina rules and regulations.

What are some of the steps you might need to take?

In a marina, you will share space with other boaters. You’ll also dock your boat on a property belonging to others. You have an obligation to look after your own vessel and to make sure it doesn’t cause any safety risks to others.

Why Marina Safety Risks Exist

Think of a marina as any other type of parking lot. Other boaters will park right next to you. There will be traffic and pedestrians around. So, just as you want to park your car safely, you’ll want to dock your boat safely as well. If you dock and secure the boat appropriately, you’ll help keep safety risks to a minimum. If you leave any loose ends, you might cause a lot of problems.

Failing to lock down and protect your boat might not only harm your vessel. It could also harm the vessels of others. So, an unsecured boat will become a liability to you. Any losses you cause might become costly. You don’t want to have to file a boat insurance claim you might otherwise prevent.

Boat insurance will cover you in marinas. But that is not the primary issue. Accidents and liability damages that are your fault might lead to higher premiums in the end. That’s what you want to avoid.

Keeping Your Boat Safe In The Marina

After you pull into your berth, you’ll have to go through a precise process to secure the boat.

  • Drop anchor and make sure it remains connected to the boat. Moor the boat using strong cables or chains. This will help prevent drift.
  • Consider placing bumpers near the dock and keep your boat’s fenders extended and armed. This can help cushion the boat in case it bumps against the dock or other objects.
  • Store all loose materials you keep on the boat. These might include everything from radios to chairs, water toys and sails.
  • If required, cover the hull and pull the boat’s motor out of the water.
  • If the boat has a security alarm, arm it. Lock down all cabins and storage bins. Remove personal items from the vessel.

You should strive to keep your boat as secure as you would a locked car. With appropriate care, you can keep it pristine while in the marina.