Discussion with Employee Charmaine Sample Hawkins on how much we saved her when switching from Geico!

How much are you saving?

They are saving me over One Thousand Dollars over a six month period.

For the same limits?

And I told the price, he responds…

Wow!  OK OK.

And that’s it, he could not even convince me.  I am like YES, SUCCESS!

So how much did you save on your auto insurance policy on a 6 month basis?

Over two hundred bucks per month.  So right now it is ridiculous.  The price I was paying with Geico was almost four hundred bucks a month with a clean record.  I switched over, I had Gaby do it for me looking up everything, it is less than two hundred bucks, so I am saving over 50%.  I am shocked.

That is awesome.  Would you recommend other people give us (Rovner and Company) a call?


Super Awesome.