Hey! So, I’m constantly asked if Geico is the cheapest or most cost-effective auto insurance carrier? The answer is, sometimes that’s true but not always. Geico is one of the many carriers that are out there. In fact, many people will be surprised to know that they are not the largest carrier in the United States; I think Progressive is.

Even within Geico, they have about 43 different underwriting tiers all depending on numerous variables such as date of birth, zip code, driving record, the age of the other drivers in the household, type of vehicle, cost of that vehicle, etc.

We have a variety of different markets that often time beat Geico and if you’d like to find out if your policy is overpriced, give us a call, (561) 287-6279. One other thing to bear in mind, we have markets that offer an annual policy so, if you do have a record, we can get you an annual policy and the carrier cannot increase your premium until the policy expires.

Thanks so much!