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So it’s 8:30 pm, Wednesday evening. Started at the office 13 hours ago so I’m tired yet energized at the same time.

Small Business Success of the day: we had a painting contractor who has been with the state program for the last 21 years. They were paying $21,000 and whichever carrier they ever tried to go to they were declined. We initially were met with the same issue and we got our hands dirty. We found out the reason we were declined is because when the carriers searched up the Federal ID number, they were cross-referencing the business with more dangerous trades.

Turns out that when we researched it sufficiently we found out that this particular client used a registered agent within the state which represented a lot of contractors. In fact, they had no relationship with those other contractors.

We lobbied the carrier and got them to agree to take the account and we wrote it today for $14,775. They were paying north of $21,000. Nobody does this! Nobody gets their hands as dirty as we do in seeing how we can help our customers.

Give us a call, 561-287-6279. We’ll do whatever we can to improve your situation.