Hello, good morning. So for the Small Business Success of the day, and really of the week for us, we had a customer that acquired a property and constructed a building. The intended use will be for them to rent it out to a medical facility. The customer did all of this with cash and they didn’t take out any financing on it. Believe it or not, they did not place any insurance on it. This was really negligence on behalf of the project manager but, nevertheless, they called us up in a panic, “what can we do?”

The issue was that we were about 75% complete and none of the markets wanted to take it because we’re midway through a builder’s risk project and that presents a whole host of issues. We convinced the carrier, an A and Best A-rated carrier, to get on it as a vacant building under renovation; because all the major building components had been completed. 

It was a great win, both for the customer and for us. They were able to secure insurance so they have coverage, we were able to get it done for them, and we’d be happy to get that done for you. 

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This Small Business Success series highlights Rovner & Company’s relentless ability to solve problems! We often encounter business owners in need of commercial policies due to unforeseen and unideal circumstances. We pride ourselves on being able to service various businesses, regardless of size. Follow our blog for more!


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