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Charmaine Sample-Hawkins: Alright, so, I am here with Marc Rovner. I’m Charmaine and we’re going to talk about Rovner & Company for all you guys who aren’t familiar or are vaguely familiar.

Marc Rovner: Good morning.

Charmaine: Hi, Marc, how are you?

Marc: Great, how are you?

Charmaine: Great. So tell me a little bit about Rovner & Company, in so many words.

Marc: Sure, we started in July of 2006. We formalized as Rovner & Company. Initially we only sold commercial insurance. Specifically, we insured real estate and we’ve branched out to handle all kinds of insurance. We focus on problems and we try to solve those problems!

Charmaine: That’s amazing. Ok, so, what qualities do you have that make you a great insurance broker and CEO here at Rovner & Company?

Marc: I would say that it’s one quality that runs through both of those tasks, or both of those activities, and that’s that I’m relentless. I never give up and we’re in a business of helping people, so never stopping. I would say that that’s the quality I bring to both of those positions.

Charmaine: Cool, I agree. So, what is your key to success when communicating with your current clients and potential clients?

Marc: We believe everybody, once you’re paying for insurance — you should have proper coverage. So, we take a tailored approach to analyze what risk characteristics a client or potential client has and then we match it up with a tailored insurance solution that will match those exposures and protect them should a claim occur.

Charmaine: OK, good. What do you love most about being here at Rovner & Company?

Marc: That’s a great question. What I love most is helping people. That’s what gives me the get-up-and-go in the morning. I’m not under any illusions. I don’t think I’m a doctor saving people’s lives, but the satisfaction I get from helping somebody with a policy, get a policy they can afford, or cover them for a loss — that’s what satisfies me.

Charmaine: That’s amazing! So, we learned a little bit about Rovner & Company and we learned about you. But what are your goals for the future of Rovner & Company?

Marc: So, we’re fortunate that we’re experiencing tremendous growth. And the goal for Rovner & Company is to help every single person in the United States as respects to their insurance issues. And to scale this business and offer our services at a larger level.

Charmaine: Perfect. Enough about the insurance and more about Marc! Outside of work, where do you spend most of your leisure time?

Marc: I have a wife and three kids so I spend it with them. And that’s really what we all work for, so that’s where I spend my leisure time.

Charmaine: Perfect. Is there anything else you want us to know about Rovner & Company or about yourself?

Marc: I think our differentiating factor is that we truly care, and we marry that with our relentless attitude and we truly try to solve any issue that a customer has. If we can help, we will.

Charmaine: Awesome, well, thank you so much, Marc! It was great chatting with you and learning about Rovner & Company. Hopefully, your followers, potential and current, get to know more about you and more about the company. I look forward to learning more myself.

Marc: Thank you.

Charmaine: Thank you.